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What's With this Wizard Guy?

Click Image Of Heddy er..Hedley Lamar and sex-obsessed Governor William J. LePetomane, left, for the site theme song.

The Wizard is a name I picked up many years ago and kept during a long career  in the military. Had to do with things I could do. I was Cheech Wizard (this link needs Quicktime) in that incarnation, but when I finally came to Arizona, I figured it was time to become a little more respectable and to adopt my new home state. I transformed one Wizard into another - Cheech Wizard into The Wizard of Az.

I love playing guitars (I'm a hack), Strats, Les Pauls and others. My love, however, is building and fixing guitars.

You'll notice my Logo is a Gecko. No, not Geico (you have to be an American to get this). The Gecko is a cute little critter that's everywhere around here in many colors and sizes. I have several I watch on my back porch workshop. Yea..I work on the back porch. When it's too hot, I use a little workbench in my kitchen and if I'm really industrious I use the kitchen table too.

While you're here, pop on over to my commercial site, Gecko Guitars.

As to what I listen to most, I'm a Blues Man. The Blues had a baby and Rock and Roll was its name. I love the whole family. Now, let's get to work.


So, as the song goes, "Come on in my Kitchen."

Hear one of my songs:

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2 Feb 2006 - Added Material for the Gibson CS 336
20 March 2006 - Added material for the  Faded LP in the Gibson Section.
April 6, 2006 Updated "Shoot the Burst"
April 6, 2006 Added Search the site window

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