Sears Silvertone 1344

My brother happened by today and handed me an old Sears Silvertone Model 1344 amp.  It has a Tremolo control, volume, treble and bass controls, two guitar and one mike input jacks.  I am looking for
sources of information on it. I do have a schematic for it, stapled to the inside of the back panel.
It's got a 12 inch speaker with manufacturer code 28505, which is probably a Rola, and the numbers 6280 on one of the piece of the frame.

It has a  Freed Power Supply, one Tung Sol 12SN7 GT, 2 Cuningham 12SJ7,
2 RCA 6V6, one GE 6YC GT and one RCA 5Y3 tube. The power cord needs replaced badly.  The amp is a kind of a dark red maroon, about 18 inches wide and about two feet tall. The cab has a silver stripe around the box with the words Silvertone in script. If anyone has a source of information for this, please let me know. It looks pretty neat. It's missing the fuse cap and fuse, a 2 amp, 3 AG. It says 90 watts input, but I seriously doubt that.


Click the schematic picture for a larger image